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Transportation for Communities - Advancing Projects Through Partnerships

What is TCAPP?

Whether you are a practitioner, resource specialist or stakeholder - using Transportation for Communities - Advancing Projects through Partnerships (TCAPP) can improve how you develop, prioritize, and inform transportation plans and projects. TCAPP is a decision support tool, built from the experiences of transportation partners and stakeholders, which provides how-to information when it is most needed.

How do I get started?

The information on TCAPP is extensive, but it does not have to be understood and used all at once. Choose the best path to find what you need.

The Decision Guide is the foundation of TCAPP. Use it to access detailed information about decisions made in long range planning, corridor planning, programming, or environmental review. For additional help, see the TCAPP Quick Start Guide.

graphic illustrating the decision guide

Find information tailored to FHWA, resource agencies, MPOs, or state DOTs at the Partner Portal.

graphic illustrating the the connection between DOT, MPO, FHWA, and resource agencies

Find guidance and support for involvement in transportation decision making in the Stakeholder Portal.

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Start small to address a challenge or area of interest. Consider the Applications menu for help with a specific topic.

For additional support, visit these websites.
Performance Management
Transportation Projects Impacts (TPICS)
Visioning and Transportation

What can TCAPP do for me?

View this short video to become acquainted with TCAPP.

How does TCAPP work in the real world?

Minnesota Department of Transportation

See how others have used TCAPP to support real-world projects. Minnesota DOT used the Decision Guide to assist Stakeholder Collaboration in the development of a Complete Streets plan.

See other examples in TCAPP in the Real World.

What's new in TCAPP?

Transportation systems management and operations (TSM&O) can help identify short-term, affordable strategies to address both congestion and reliability. Learn more in Linking Planning and Operations.

Other Recent TCAPP Additions:

Not sure what obstacles are ahead?

road sign showing obstacles ahead

It is often difficult to know what's wrong when plans and projects hit roadblocks. Assessment can help identify and overcome these barriers.

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